Chuxing and Geely cooperate to create an open commercial autonomous driving travel platform

Cao Cao Travel and Geely Automobile Innovation Research Institute Intelligent Driving Center launched cooperation on the Robotaxi (autonomous taxi) project. Home open business intelligent driving travel platform.

According to Chu Yao, head of the future travel business department of Cao Cao Travel, with the experience and advantages accumulated by Cao Cao Travel in shared travel, it is planned to open the platform to various travel companies or autonomous driving companies across the country to access, and gradually establish a nationwide network. Cao Cao Robotaxi operates the network. Chu Yao said: " Cao Cao Travel strives to become the first Robotaxi travel platform in China to carry out L4-level commercial operations nationwide. "

Hu Jinlong, deputy director of the Intelligent Driving Center of Geely Automobile Research Institute, said that the Intelligent Driving Center will provide integrated solutions for Cao Cao Travel in terms of system software development and underlying platform construction. Cao Cao Travel takes advantage of its massive mileage data to feedback data to the intelligent driving center, forming a closed data loop and accelerating intelligent driving technology and algorithm iteration.

At present, Geely's research and development of intelligent driving technology is advancing rapidly. At the beginning of last year, Geely Automobile Group and Suzhou Xiangcheng District reached strategic cooperation on the intelligent driving project, and the Geely Automobile Intelligent Driving Global R&D Center project was settled in Suzhou High-speed Railway New City. On October 31 last year, Gan Jiayue, CEO of Geely Automobile Group, released the "Smart Geely 2025" strategy at the Hangzhou Bay Research Institute, aiming to realize the commercialization of L4 autonomous driving by 2025.

According to Zhou Zheren, head of the Cao Cao Travel Intelligent Driving Center, although the unit travel cost of Robotaxi is slightly higher than the travel cost of ordinary taxis at this stage when the realization of real unmanned driving and the cost reduction after mass production of autonomous driving hardware and other factors It is estimated that by 2025, the travel cost of Robotaxi per kilometer is only about 1 yuan. As costs continue to decrease, Robotaxi will be the main solution for everyday mobility.

In 2021, investment in my country's autonomous driving industry will be high, and core hardware such as complete vehicles, autonomous driving solutions, chips and radar, and Robotaxi will become popular tracks. According to the Whales database, as of November 30, 2021, a total of 1,764 autonomous driving-related projects have been included.

According to the forecast of IHS, an auto consulting service agency, the market size of China's shared travel will reach 2.25 trillion yuan by 2030, of which Robotaxi will account for 60% and the scale will reach 1.3 trillion yuan. According to the research forecast of Yiou Think Tank, by 2030, my country's smart transportation market will reach 10.5 trillion yuan, of which Robotaxi, Robotruck (self-driving trucks), and intelligent driving Tier1 (first-tier suppliers) three markets are all over one trillion yuan. class.

IT Home has learned that Robotaxi refers to self-driving taxis, which are based on self-driving technology and are designed to transport passengers to designated locations without driving.

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