Cisco unveils new improvements in Webex to support the work environment and hybrid events


Cisco unveiled its all-new Webex Suite platform, which includes innovations that will underpin all-encompassing hybrid business and event environments, providing unprecedented levels of flexibility and customization for everyone. The company stated that this step comes within the framework of keeping pace with the requirements of companies that seek to provide hybrid and flexible work environments.

It is expected that 98 % of future meetings will have at least one participant working remotely, making this mixed mode of work (mixing remote and in-person interactions) with long-term implications for work culture, event participation, and digital workspace solutions. This requires investing on a larger scale, outside the traditional conference room, to radically re-imagine the new demands of the hybrid workforce and events. The way companies operated in the pre-pandemic period and during the pandemic will be very different from the next wave of work environments where traditional technologies will not be sufficient.

Commenting on the launch, Reem Asaad, the vice president said to Cisco in the Middle East and Africa, the Cisco collaborative technologies are of great importance to our customers. With the team adding 800 new features and devices since September, we have the most comprehensive meeting, calling, messaging and event management solutions on the market that support the future of hybrid work.

New developments in the Webex platform include

Enhanced Value: The all-new Webex Suite is the industry's first hybrid business suite that combines business messaging, meetings, calls, surveys, and events into one package at 40% less than usual pricing. The new Webex identity and logo unveiled today have been reinvented to reflect the strong purpose and value the Webex platform brings to the market, its customers, and people's lives.

Comprehensive Events: A complete event implementation and management platform that will be essential in the new generation of hybrid events. The full potential of the industry's first comprehensive efficiency experience will be widely available upon completion of Cisco's acquisition of the Socio platform.

Audience tools: surveys, quizzes, Q&A, and more powered by Slido, the industry's first public interaction solution that integrates various collaborative experiences. Surveys are now available in Meetings and will be launched soon at Events.

Voice intelligence: Inspired by Webex's pioneering noise removal and speech clarity improvement capabilities, users will have the new ability to improve speech intelligibility for remote and shared workspaces with My Voice Only to eliminate background noise, including people speaking in the background, and focus on Keynote speech only. My Voice Only will be available worldwide in August 2021.

Camera Intelligence: Announced earlier this year that People Focus will be available on the Webex platform through 2021. People Focus uses machine learning and AI technology to refocus on individual meeting participants who are spread across the meeting room allowing remote participants to feel more Connectivity All meeting attendees benefit from seeing body language, facial expressions, and more.

High-end hardware: Webex Desk provides a powerful, all-in-one collaboration device designed for the office at work or at home. Rich collaboration experiences with modern touch interactions will be available via RoomOS, which links workflows to a lower level of switching, as well as the Webex Assistant Skills platform, which provides an impressive suite of voice-assisted add-ons to seamlessly integrate more controls, content, and apps into Webex devices.

Safe experiences: Real-time data loss prevention will be available for Webex, which automatically blocks and removes confidential information in the messaging app. With real-time data loss prevention, users are prevented from posting classified content rather than redacting or deleting the content after it has been posted. In addition, European Webex customers will be able to host and process their content within the European Union. Webex users will also benefit from enhanced end-to-end encryption options, including enhanced end-to-end encryption via identity verification. In other words, customers will not be forced to choose between ease of use and security, and they will get them together.

Price and Availability: Webex Suite is available today at 40 % less than the regular prices.

It will be available Webex Desk to request later this month at the price of re-proposed sale of Cisco of 1, $ 249 US customers 2 standard price 0.495 dollars US.

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