Citroën C3 Aircross and C5 Aircross in 5 key characteristics. Why do these SUVs triumph?

Neither of these two models has an all-wheel-drive version, but the philosophy of versatility and adaptability to the terrain of the mythical 2 CV is still present in these two Citroëns, which have little to do in style and technology with their famous predecessor. The entry model to this SUV range is the C3 Aircross which measures 4.16 meters long and this year it has received an aesthetic update that has further reinforced its appeal. It is for sale with 110 and 130 horsepower PureTech gasoline engines, as well as a 110 or 120 horsepower BlueHDI diesel. The six-speed automatic transmission is reserved for the two most powerful engines of each of the fuels and prices start, including all brand discounts, at 16,890 euros.

The C5 Aircross, with its 4.50 meters long, has a much more resounding and imposing appearance and offers a range made up of a 130-horsepower PureTech gasoline engine with manual or six-speed automatic transmission, a 130-horsepower BlueHDI diesel, also with the two gearboxes, and a 225-horsepower plug-in hybrid with up to 55 kilometers of electric range. Their prices start at 23,290 euros with all the brand's promotions.

The keys to a Citroën SUV

  • Design. An SUV should have strong but not intimidating shapes and should stand out from other vehicles, something that customers in this category especially appreciate. From any angle, the two Citroën SUVs have such a distinctive style that it is impossible to confuse them with any other model in this category. In addition, the customization possibilities they offer add a point of exclusivity.

  • Space and modularity. Both offer extraordinary interior space in relation to their exterior dimensions. Its seats are folding and folding and the rear bench can move longitudinally about 15 centimeters to modulate the space between passengers and cargo depending on the needs of the moment. This allows the C3 Aircross to have a luggage compartment of between 410 and 520 liters and transport objects up to 2.40 meters long thanks to the front passenger seat that folds forward. For its part, in the C5 Aircross, the cargo space can be between 580 and 720 liters depending on the position of the rear bench, although in the plug-in Hybrid it remains at 460 liters due to the space occupied by the battery.

  • Flexible suspension. The comfort of the Citroën chassis is something historical and a distinctive element of the brand but in the case of an SUV, which can face somewhat more rough terrain, it becomes even more important. The hydraulic progressive dampers that equip both the C3 and C5 Aircross make that flexibility does not translate into excessive rocking and allow the roughest potholes to filter in a smooth and progressive way.

  • Free height. An SUV is designed to be able to leave the asphalt and circulate on tracks in good condition, it implies some possible potholes and more irregularities of the firm. Therefore, greater ground clearance is essential for this occasional use and, in addition, one of the most valued elements by customers, which also provides a higher driving position. The C3 Aircross offers a minimum ground clearance of 17.5 centimeters while the C5 Aircross reaches up to 23 centimeters.

  • Grip Control. This rotary knob adapts Citroën Aircross to the terrain on which it moves. It acts on traction control, stability control, and throttle response to offer the best traction on every terrain. It has five operating programs, normal for roads in good condition, sand, mud, snow, and another to disconnect the stability control, necessary for the use of chains. It is an optional element, it costs 300 euros, and it is available with all the engines in the two models, except in the C5 Aircross Hybrid that cannot be mounted.

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