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Citymobil has launched family accounts with a single payment

The Citymobil taxi call service team announced the launch of a new convenient option - family accounts. "Family account" allows you to gather a group of 5 people and secure a single payment method for everyone. Each member of the group can independently order a taxi through their application and pay for trips from the family account.

To create a shared account, you need to select a card payment method and then invite all participants. Members can be selected from the contact list or added by simply entering a user number.

You can create a "family account" not only with relatives but also with friends or colleagues - a user can be a member of several groups at once.

Citymobil will accrue an increased cashback to a member of a family account who has traveled with a family payment method an additional 5% to the cashback of the current level in the loyalty program.

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