Claims to apply technology rules in the European Union to dominant companies only

A prominent European Union lawmaker said that the draft rules aimed at curbing the influence of Facebook, Alphabet unit Google, Amazon, and Apple should target only US tech giants, indicating a tougher stance from antitrust regulators in European Union.

The Digital Markets Act (DMA), proposed by European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager last year, suggested US tech giants change their profitable business models and ensure a level playing field for smaller competitors.

DMA defines online gatekeepers as companies with annual European turnover of more than 6.5 billion euros ($8 billion) in the past three years or 65 billion euros in market capitalization in the last financial year, that provide an essential platform service in at least three EU countries European.

Such standards could pick up big tech companies in the European Union and Asia as well as American competitors, while European Parliament member Andreas Schwab, who leads the EU bid, said in a report that the revenue threshold should be raised to 10 billion euros and market value to 100 billion at least

Schwab wrote in his report, the DMA should clearly target those platforms that play an unquestionable role as gatekeepers given their size and impact on the internal market. To this end, it is appropriate to increase quantitative thresholds and that they provide not only a platform service one core but at least two core platform services.

He said the EU competition enforcement official should be able within a month to decide which gatekeepers should be subject to the rules instead of the proposed three-month period. on their platforms or collect data from their platforms to compete with business users.

Parliament, which also has two other committees looking at the draft rules, aims to reach a common position by the end of this year and start negotiations with EU countries next year.

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