CleanMyMac X: You need to know this Mac cleaning software

Updated: Sep 27

In the early morning of September 8, many fruit fans stayed up late to watch Apple's annual autumn conference as usual. And this time Apple still did not disappoint - the conference was full of highlights and dizzying. In addition to the launch of the new iPhone 14 series of mobile phones and Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Ultra H series smartwatches, and the new second-generation flagship Bluetooth headset AirPods Pro 2, the biggest highlight of this conference is and The Smart Island, which has been rumored a lot but is amazing enough, is very exciting for its excellent interaction and stunning design. It has given many users who were still hesitant about whether the old models in their hands can last for two years.

However, the popularity of the release of Smart Island has not faded, and there have been new news about Apple's new product launch in October. It is reported that Apple will launch a new Mac and its new system macOS Ventura at the October conference. This is undoubtedly great news for many fans who have been coveting the M2 chip for a long time but have not started Mac, and those who have already started but are looking forward to the macOS Ventura system.

But before the press conference, whether you are a user planning to start a new Mac or an old user who is ready to update macOS Ventura, you must know in advance this Apple's officially certified Mac management software. Because it allows your Mac to achieve the best experience.

It is what countless senior fruit fans call the must-have software for Mac installation - CleanMyMac X. Maybe you have never used it, but there is a high probability that you must have experienced users of it. As an old-fashioned cleaning software under MacPaw, it has been downloaded more than 25 million times around the world.

It has five powerful functions that can help users easily manage their Mac and make the Mac perform at its best.

One-click cleanup disk

Clean up your disk regularly to keep your Mac running space for optimal performance. CleanMyMac X has a very powerful cleaning function. It can deeply and thoroughly scan all the contents in the computer. Accurately finds all junk files, system logs, and user cache files. Keep your Mac fresh all the time.

Improve the running speed

Irrelevant applications that start automatically after booting, applications running in the background that take up a lot of disk space, and RAM that needs to be freed will slow down your Mac. CleanMyMac X can scan all self-starting items, background running items, and RAM that needs to be freed up. A clear list, just need to check the necessary applications, you can easily and quickly improve the running speed of your Mac.

Application management

You can't completely uninstall the software through the trash, so uninstalling will leave a lot of registration information, application cache, and plug-ins unknowingly in the disk. CleanMyMac X can find all relevant components of the application you want to uninstall, along with cache, preference settings, and saved state information, and delete it completely without taking up any disk space. In addition to uninstalling, its download function is also excellent. CleanMyMac X can always track the latest updates of applications and synchronize updates with one click so that Mac applications are always kept up-to-date.

Menu program support

The dashboard function of CleanMyMac X allows you to easily get the real-time status of your Mac. It is usually hidden in the status bar. When you want to check the running status of your Mac, you can get various data with just one click. If you want to drill down into each item of data, just click on one of the items to display specific details. Use this information to adjust and optimize your Mac accordingly, and your Mac will always run at its best.

Malicious virus detection

CleanMyMac X is backed by a powerful database, and all Trojan viruses and malware mining behaviors are invisible. It can fully protect the safe use of the Mac. In addition, it can also protect privacy security. Let your Mac leave no trace of use and prevent privacy leaks. Whether it's browsing history, chat history, or filling out past data forms, CleanMyMac X can clear it with one click.

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