Clubhouse denies leaking data from 1.3 million users

The Clubhouse application denied reports of leaking its users data, as the company moved to Twitter to clarify its position, saying: this is misleading and wrong, and Clubhouse has not been hacked, and the data referred to is the general information of the account within our application, which anyone can access. To it via our application or API.

The CEO of Clubhouse, Paul Davison, said, the report called the leak of personal user data is false, and he said in response to a question about the platform’s exposure to a data breach: No, it did not happen, and this is misleading and wrong, and we have not been hacked, and the data referred to is information. The public account is from our app, so the answer to that is no.

It is reported that a previous report issued by Cyber ​​News claimed that the SQL database containing users personal information had been leaked over the Internet, and the report claimed that 1.3 million users data had been leaked for free on a popular hacker forum.

According to the report, the leaked data includes information such as user ID, name, image URL, user name, Twitter data, Instagram data, number of followers, number of people followed by the user, date of account creation, invited by the user's profile name.

The Cyber ​​News report stated that the SQL database does not include sensitive information such as credit card details, however, even the profile name, with connections to other user profiles on social media that have been identified and created, can be sufficient. Cybercriminals cause real harm.

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