Clubhouse is reaching for all Android users around the world this weekend


The Clubhouse audio-only social networking application arrived on the Android system recently, however, the application was limited to users in the United States, but the popular application is now scheduled to be launched in more countries this week, according to the company's tweet, the application will be available in Japan. Brazil and Russia by next Tuesday, while it will be available in Nigeria and India on Friday morning, while the rest of the world will be available in it by Friday noon.

Initially, Clubhouse was only available for the first year on iOS, although with limited access, the app managed to attract 10 million users in the first year, and the voice-based social network was valued at $ 4 billion in its recent fundraising campaign.

The app gained great popularity last year and is used by many celebrities, investors, politicians, and businessmen. Clubhouse began working on an Android version of the app earlier this year and began beta testing this month.

Several online reports indicate that Clubhouse decided to expand the basic Android system in order to maintain its growth, the app has been struggling to maintain the pace of growth in recent months, and at the present time, the Clubhouse Android app lacks a number of features, for example. Users cannot follow a topic, create or manage a club, make payments, or link their social media profiles.

However, the company said it is working to bring iOS features to the Android version of the app, and for those unaware, Clubhouse is an audio-only social media app. Once you enter the Clubhouse, you can log in and out of different chats according to your areas of interest, you have the option to express Your thoughts or just listening to what is happening around the different rooms.

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