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CNN: The future of Twitter is in doubt in light of its crisis with India and Nigeria


The American CNN network said that the future of the famous social networking site Twitter is in doubt in light of the embargo it is facing in two important countries for the company's growth.

The network said: Twitter has been in a battle with the Indian government for months over freedom of expression and other issues and is facing new restrictive rules imposed by New Delhi, and if that is not enough, there are more dramatic events unfolding thousands of miles away along the west coast of Africa, where Nigeria has blocked Twitter was unnamed after the company deleted a post from President Muhammadu Buhari about dealing with the unrest in Africa's most populous country.

CNN pointed out that the restrictions in India and the ban in Nigeria are annoying to tension, as independent research indicates that India is among its five largest markets, it is the third-largest economy in Asia and with 700 million Internet users, it is also the highest growth market on Twitter.

Meanwhile, nearly 20% of Nigeria's 200 million people have accounts on Twitter, according to the surveys.

Now, Nigeria has shown that it is not afraid to ban Twitter and some worry that India will be next if the row between New Delhi and Twitter is not resolved.

CNN notes that Twitter's response to political pressures in these two countries will determine its trajectory in two rapidly growing economies that are vital to any global expansion strategy. And successfully traversing these tensions could provide other American technology companies with a road map in dealing with governments that have start-up tendencies, according to CNN. the network.


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