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Computers will soon be able to write film scripts

A recent study revealed that computers will soon be able to write film scripts by analyzing famous movie models. The next pioneering movie can be written for viewing on cinema screens by a computer, as experts discovered, that big films tend to stick to the same metaphors. Core, with storytelling groups appearing frequently in the biggest films each year.

The researchers from the University of Granada and the University of Cadiz searched for common metaphors in more than 10,000 films, their ratings, genres and reviews.

By looking at IMDB and TVTrope data, Spanish researchers have identified more than 25,000 metaphors that makeup 42 distinct groups that are commonly found, and plan to incorporate this into a machine learning model to train AI to write dialogue for characters.

Co-researcher Juan Merrillo said, there is a whole narrative AI field that is growing, and it might progress well to this entire feature in the future.

The analysis also determined levels of development between groups, for example, some metaphorical groups have appeared in movies for a very long time.

Associate researcher Pablo Garcia Sanchez told Reuters that the study is inspired by previous research that used machine learning to predict a user's rating for a movie.

The authors note that the data they used, including reviews, ratings, abstracts, and metaphors from IMDB and TVTropes have a common tendency towards recent films, however, their findings and the methodology developed to produce them can aid in the future research and aid in Preparing new movies.

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