Continental redesigns the interior of the Volkswagen T2 and anticipates its vision of caravanning


Continental completely redesigns the interior of the legendary Volkswagen T2 and presents a concept called Ambience3 with a futuristic cabin that anticipates its vision of what caravanning could be in the coming years. Everything has been modified, the surfaces, floor, ceiling, seats, with an eye towards sustainability.

The new materials are based on recycled and renewable raw materials that make it possible to create quality surfaces that are very pleasant to the touch, some of which are heated, says Continental. Also, a consistent design based on elegance creates a cozy and modern interior.

Interior with sustainable materials

It is about creating a cabin that helps occupants to work but also relax. Buttons and switches have been dispensed with since the functionalities allowed by the Ambienc3 are always intuitive, so there are no permanently visible controls since in off mode the functions on the surfaces are invisible.

Another very careful aspect refers to the interior light and sound to create a very cozy atmosphere.

The materials are made with functional printing methods that can generate heat in seconds and are also self-cleaning, have a high resistance to abrasion, and even repair themselves against small impacts.

Continental has also been very aware of autonomous driving since when possible the vehicle will be much more comfortable and modular since we will spend the time that we previously dedicated to driving in a more playful way.

This technology will allow a complete redesign of the driving position since the driver does not have to focus the entire journey on steering, acceleration, or braking. That's why the Ambienc3 also offers work and relaxation areas, each with its own approach to design and materials.

Camperization of the future

Ultimately, autonomous driving will lead to improved vehicle interiors, which will be more visually appealing with surfaces that offer a haptic, touch-based experience. In addition, the different activities will be enhanced with mood functions such as light and sound. It is what Continental calls the third space.

Personalization is also one of the characteristics of the Ambienc3 since the manufacturing technique based on 3D printing allows many possibilities, until now unfeasible, with current manufacturing methods.

A wealth of options are presented in this way when it comes to tailoring vehicles to individual buyers' requirements. It's about updating the interiors with amazing new features and ensuring connectivity.

With technologies developed by Continental such as Staynu (which can be translated as keep new) surfaces are created that are more resistant to dirt, easier to maintain, and more robust than ever. This technology helps material stay (and look) like new longer. It is used for example in the driver's seat. Stains are no longer a problem, the surface is durable, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly.

Other surfaces in the Ambienc3 use laif technology, which offers exceptional breathability, that is, it allows air and water vapor to pass through, creating an exceptionally soft feel. Allows passive temperature control and offers the look and feel of real leather.

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