Converting cargo ships to environmental friendliness through a new type of sails


A French company for cargo ships revealed a new system for sails that deal with air in a way that makes it environmentally friendly, as it reduces the need for fuel, increases the efficiency of cargo ships while reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and the sails are automatically deployed to take advantage of the winds in The sea, then retreats at the same speed, making it a plug and play system.

This means that crew members will not have to become expert sailors to operate hybrid ships and that the sails can improve ships' fuel efficiency by up to 20%.

The company unveiled the Wing Sail Mobility (WISAMO) project at the 2021 Movin'On World Conference on Sustainable Mobility, a system of winged sails that can be retrofitted on both commercial vessels, especially bulk carriers, oil and gas tankers and yachts.

A joint project with a team of Swiss inventors, the sails will use wind energy to increase the efficiency of existing oil-powered engines.

The advantage of wind propulsion is that wind energy is clean, free, global, and completely uncontroversial, said world-renowned captain Michel Desjouio, and it provides a very promising way to improve the environmental impact of merchant ships.

New Atlas reports that the new sails automatically reposition to maximize wind conditions, and when not in use, the sails deflate and remain on deck.

The company said the system's double-sided design is an improvement over conventional flat sails, and the telescopic mast is retractable, allowing ships to enter ports and transit easily under bridges.

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