Cook explains why Apple doesn't support RCS-enhanced texting

At today's Code Conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook was asked in an interview about the iPhone's iMessage not supporting RCS. The full name of RCS is Rich Communication Services, that is, rich media communication services, which can be understood as a kind of "enhanced short message", which is designed to replace the standard "short message" (SMS).

Due to Apple's non-support, the message will turn into a green bubble when some content is sent between iPhone and Android. In recent months, Google has been publicly pressuring Apple to adopt RCS on the iPhone.

Cook replied: " I don't see users asking us to put a lot of effort into this. I'd love to turn your phone into an iPhone."

The questioner went on to explain that since his mother uses an Android device and relies on text messages, he cannot send certain videos to his mother. Cook's response was to simply tell the person " buy your mom an iPhone ."

Google has been promoting RCS for the past few years. In July, all three major US carriers committed to RCS. Compared to SMS, RCS supports higher quality photo, video, and audio messages, higher security, and better group chats.

With RCS, Android - to - Android messaging becomes "end-to-end" encrypted. In contrast, the communication between Android and iPhone is often referred to as the "green bubble" which is less secure because of Apple's reluctance to adopt the RCS protocol. For Apple, maintaining the excellent texting experience between iPhones will help keep users in the Apple ecosystem, while supporting RCS will weaken the advantages of iMessage.


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