Creating a device to fight stress

Apollo Neuro has created a new portable device that helps people fight stress, according to experts in the company, the new device that can be attached to the wrist or ankle by an elastic belt, was developed with the cooperation of a group of scientists and neurologists, and it is health-safe as it helps the user fight stress Without the use of any drugs may leave side effects on the body.

The principle of the work of this device, according to its developers, is focused on emitting light vibrations that affect the work of the nervous system and help it restore its balance in situations of tension, and give the user a sense of comfort.

Apollo Neuro said the silent and soothing Apollo vibrations speak to your nervous system, telling you that you are safe and in control. To fight stress.

The distinctive feature of the device, according to the experts in the company, is the possibility of using it inside and outside the home and at work times, without the need to stop practicing the activity that the user performs while using the device, and the device can also be controlled via an application in phones to set it to work for specific periods suitable for work times or times of relaxation and sleep.

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