Creating a digital platform with Einstein's look and sound on theories of physics


Scientists have developed a digital human platform that recreated the appearance and voice of the famous scientist Albert Einstein, a Digital Einstein platform in order to put a friendly and well-known face on technology between machines and humans, and the digital version speaks in a soft and friendly tone and was programmed in the same spirit that was said to be the real Einstein Have it.

According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, users can participate in daily tests and ask personal questions supported by artificial intelligence about science, its life, and work.

Einstein is best known for his work on physics, specifically the theory of relativity that changed the understanding of time, space, gravity, and the universe.

The company said in a statement, Digital Einstein, an example of experimental artificial intelligence, is the next development of human-machine interaction, leveraging digital humans to drive personality-led interactions that move clients, patients, students, and users beyond transactions into meaningful emotional interactions.

An AI-powered scientist can test an individual's knowledge on a variety of topics through his daily test, or he can hold a personal conversation about his life's work and research.

When Einstein was asked whether time travel would be possible someday, he said: "In theory, yes ... someday we will understand how time travel works. However, that would require a time machine the size of the sun, so I don't think. That any time soon.

Digital human platforms are making waves in the world of technology, as artificial intelligence becomes more advanced and powerful, and a number of companies release different versions.

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