Cupra's newest product is sustainable shoes

Cupra continues to broaden its brand image far beyond automobiles, including yachts such as the D28 Formentor e-Hybrid and slippers. Mikakus has been a very close collaborator in this final sector, as they now exhibit a new partnership in the shape of ecological shoes inspired by the Barcelona neighborhood of El Born.

Sustainable shoes with nods to Cupra cars

So these Mikakus x Cupra Born shoes take the same young, yet long-lasting attitude. Not unexpectedly, these shoes are manufactured using recycled and revitalized materials to create the so-called Ecolive canvas, which is not only sustainable but also completely durable, flexible, and water-repellent.

They also have a distinct look, owing to the many visual accents on the shoe, such as an inscription on the back of the soles that relates to the Cupra Born tire size code, while the rear bow refers to the seat belt.

These Mikakus x Cupra Born, the brand's first unisex shoes, are now available in three distinct hues, blue, black, and khaki, and join the collection that has already begun as a consequence of the Cupra and Mikakus cooperation.

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