Customize each WhatsApp chat with different backgrounds


Customize each WhatsApp conversation with a different background. Here we tell you the step-by-step you should follow to give a personal touch to each of your chats. According to the official WhatsApp portal, the number of users exceeds 2 billion people and they highlight that the application is present in more than 180 countries; which offers a free and secure messaging service, calls, and video calls.

In turn, WhatsApp constantly provides more and better tools to its users. You can also send and receive multimedia files such as photos, videos, images, stickers, documents, among others. In the same way, the application makes it easy to customize the account of each user and it is possible to change the wallpaper of the conversations and the ring tone.

So we teach you how to give your personal touch to each conversation and how to change the background of each of your chats.

Throughout the day we send and receive messages from our contacts and although some conversations are more private than others, we always want to add a touch of our personality to them. Either through the stickers or memes that we can send; however, it is possible to change the wallpaper for each conversation individually.

If you want to add a bit of your style in each conversation, you just have to follow this step by step that we give you below. Also, the good news is that this feature is available on both operating systems: iOS and Android.

How to change WhatsApp conversation background on iOS?

  • Open the WhatsApp application.

  • Select the conversation with the friend or contact that you want to change the background.

  • Click on their name to display the contact information.

  • Then choose the option "Wallpaper and sound".

  • You will have the option to choose any of the images that WhatsApp throws between the alternative of light, dark and solid colors. Or also some of the photos in your gallery.

  • After deciding on the image, you just need to adjust and fix it. Ready will be the new background for the conversation.

How to change WhatsApp conversation background on Android?

  • Access the app.

  • Enter the conversation which wants to customize the background screen.

  • Click on the top three dots on the right side.

  • Choose the "Wallpaper" option.

  • Choose the preferred image among the alternatives that the app or one of your albums gives you.

  • Then adjust and press “Set as wallpaper”.

  • Finally, it will ask you if you only want the change for that chat or for everyone. Indicate your answer and the change will be made.

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