Czech police are saddling new Škoda cars


The Police of the Czech Republic is gradually taking over new company cars from Škoda Auto, which are then delivered to individual departments. The main stars of this fleet update are mainly the popular Kodiaq SUV and the proven Superb in the hands of the law. What can fresh motorized additions do and for what purpose?

In recent years, the police of the Czech Republic has decided to renew the vehicle fleet quite significantly, so they bought not only the Octavia with a frame but also electric ions, scalas, kodias, and facelifted superbly. We decided to examine the last two mentioned models in detail, which was made possible for us within the premises of the Prague highway department in the Hradec Králové region. So let's see what the fresh police additions can actually do.

The painted police Kodiaq is actually not a complete novelty, as a small series has already been taken over by workers from the Prague Emergency Motorized Unit in the past, however, a more massive deployment of Mladá Boleslav bears is only now taking place.

The winning specification includes a Škoda Kodiaq endowed with a 2.0 TSI engine, 140 kW output, DSG automatic transmission, and a 4x4 drive. The main scope of work of these cars is patrol activities, escorts of oversized loads or constitutional officials, as well as inspections in mountain areas, where the ATV comes in handy especially in winter or in bad weather. In addition, the police in the Hradec Králové Region will use cars in cooperation with KRNAP administrators, who often fight with not very disciplined drivers.

In terms of police equipment, we found an alcohol tester, stop nails, bulletproof vests, reflective vests, a walkie-talkie, a trunk divider, a hammer to break windows, a hand-held radar case, and protective covers for all seats inside Kodiaq. These are there for a purely practical reason - to avoid excessive wear on the factory upholstery, for example with equipment placed on a police belt.

The roof of the SUV is decorated with LED beacons with an aerodynamic cover, while the front bumper hosts additional warning lighting and hides a multi-level horn.

The factory equipment is not rich, but still includes 17-inch alloy wheels, automatic air conditioning, an onboard information system (with limited functions), push-button start, front and rear parking sensors, heated rear-view mirrors, cruise control, and standard halogen lamps.

Superman on the highway

After the facelift, the Škoda Superb is this time presented in police colors, in addition to being equipped with the top-of-the-range 2.0 TSI EVO engine, which boasts 206 kW tuning and cooperation with the DSG automatic and all-wheel drive.

`Inflated painted superman will move mostly only on Czech highways or expressways, for business purposes it is endowed with EDAZ technology for checking highway signs or radar for covert measurement Ramer 10C, known from secret superb and Octavia.

In contrast to Kodiaq, the beacons on the roof of the Superb are equipped with an information board showing messages such as STOP, POLICE, ACCIDENT, and more. Why? There is a regulation that these light boards can be mounted up to a maximum height of 150 centimeters, which is not fulfilled by the SUV beacons from Škoda due to the height of the location. In Kodiaq, police officers "talk" to drivers through the front and rear windows.

In addition to radios, men and women on duty will also use cameras (front and rear) to document violations, additional interior lighting, additional rearview mirror, voltage converter, luggage compartment grille, hammer for breaking windows, retrofitted 12-volt sockets, and USB ports, fire extinguisher, protective seat covers, and specially adapted rear seat belt carriers, used for trouble-free restraint of the problem person being transported.

A look into the trunk reveals a rear installation with a pull-out table and storage spaces with soft padding with cut-outs for specific equipment (eg hand-held radar). As an interesting fact, we state that with this police superb, the daytime running lights can be switched off with the button, due to patrol activities. Please note that this is not possible with standard models.

Among the interesting factory equipment we mention, example, cruise control, automatic air conditioning, multimedia system (again with limited functions), basic diode lamps, 19-inch torches, adaptive suspension, and rear parking sensors.

So it was fresh reinforcements to the police fleet under our editorial microscope. Although there are basically no holobytes, we still think that law enforcement deserves a little richer interiors.

After all, in freezing times, it is not completely harmful to warm up your body with heated seats or hands with a heated steering wheel after running outside. And what about such a navigation system? It would be useful because not every member of the police knows the content of by heart.

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