Dacia Duster 2021: The best-selling SUV is renewed

After the Sandero and the Logan, the famous Dacia SUV also debuts a restyling with a slightly more modern design, an updated technological section, and other novelties. The Dacia Duster is one of the best-selling SUVs in our country. However, the current version that we have was launched in 2017, so the low-cost brand of Renault is already preparing a new generation that could arrive no later than 2023 to open the new era of Dacia advanced in the Renaulution plan and in the Bigster Concept. However, before that time comes Dacia has renewed the current model to keep it fresh in the meantime, bringing it closer to the new Dacia Sandero and Logan in appearance.

Subtle changes to refresh in your senior year

Thus, as we could see in previous leaks, we find a restyling that will bring the Duster closer to its more modern brothers Sandero and Logan, modifying its optics with the new light signature in the shape of a "Y" while maintaining the shapes of the lighthouse that will be of LED type front and rear, including turn signals or low beams. A style that offers greater relief in tune with the new chrome grille, and thus as a result we find a face in which although there are no great novelties, it does appear more modern.

On the outside, there are not many more novelties, and it is understandable considering the affordable philosophy of the brand and the fact that they are already thinking about the new generation that is going to anticipate their arrival. Despite everything, Dacia ensures that the aerodynamics of the car has been improved with a new design for its rear spoiler, as well as new 16 and 17-inch alloy wheels and tires with new bearings, which has allowed to improve consumption and emissions.

Where it does seem that there will be interesting touches will be inside, where the most interesting novelty will be the arrival of a touch screen that will grow to 8 inches that will accompany one of the two multimedia systems available, the Media Display, which includes 6 speakers DAB radio, Bluetooth connectivity, two USB ports and connection to the smartphone compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and the Media Nav, which adds integrated navigation and wireless connectivity via WiFi with Apple Car Play and Android Auto. These new features are also joined by new upholstery and head restraints, a high center console with sliding armrests, a closed compartment, and two USB sockets (available depending on the version) among other novelties.

The automatic gearbox is back

On a mechanical level, the suitably renewed EDC double-clutch gearbox, which had been withdrawn a few months ago and which will be associated with the 150 hp gasoline engine, is rejoined to the range. Of course, for the moment, no type of hybridization is expected in the range beyond the already present option of LPG, although the rest of the offer of engines with diesel and gasoline options will remain unchanged and offered again according to traction configurations. front and total 4x4.

Thus, the mechanical offer of this new Duster will be composed of a diesel engine dCi 115 (4X2 or 4x4) with a 6-speed manual gearbox, three gasoline TCe 90, TCe 130 (these two also with manual gearbox) and TCe 150, and the Biofuel Gasoline-LPG ECO-G 100 4x2, with its new LPG tank that increases to about 16.2 liters of capacity, installed under the boot floor, allowing it to increase its autonomy by more than 250 km.

The new Duster also includes numerous driving aids, adding the speed limiter, ABS / ESC or cruise control as standard, and also including the blind spot detector, parking aids, hill start aid, and cruise control. downhill trajectory in 4x4 versions and multi vision camera.

With these subtle changes, the current generation Dacia Duster will face an advanced end of the cycle that will begin with the opening of orders in July and an arrival at the dealerships that will take place from September.

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