Dacia Spring is the cheapest electric car in the Czech Republic


Dacia cars have pushed the limits of new car availability for almost two decades. And the same will apply in the field of electromobility, which, thanks to the Spring model, is no longer an unavailable dream. Although only for a certain price…

We have long known everything essential about the first electric Dacia, the Spring model - it is a compact four-seater car (3.73 meters in length, trunk volume 280 l) designed primarily for (near) city traffic. A paper range of 225 km (up to 305 km in an urban environment, switching on the ECO mode will add another approx. 10%) should be quite sufficient (the average European drives 31 km a day, so Spring would charge only once a week), the advantage will be faster charging ( within an hour from a quick charger with an output of up to 30 kW, within 5 hours from a 7.4 kW wall box) batteries with a capacity of 26.8 kWh.

The dynamics of a car with 44 horsepower will not be downright ballistic, as evidenced by the time to accelerate from rest to 100 km / h in an incredibly long 19.1 seconds - but that's not the point of this car. More important is the instant thrust of 125 Nm and brisk acceleration at city pace (from zero to 50 km / h it only takes 5.8 s). Another bonus is the high dexterity given not only the low center of gravity but also the small turning radius of 4.3 meters. Dacia Spring should be able to move in the urban jungle with clarity.

So it is aimed at customers who want a cheap and economical car in the city with the benefits of electromobility whether they are private commuters or children to school and around the ring, companies expanding their low-emission company fleet, or various car-sharing companies. The target group will also be expanded by distribution companies, as Spring will also be available in a utility version offering transport space with a volume of up to 800 l and a load capacity of up to 325 kg.

We already knew all that. But we didn't know for how much…

The Czech representation has now revealed the last part of the secret with the release of the Czech price list. The Spring model starts at CZK 449,900 for Comfort equipment, which includes, for example, manual air conditioning, radio with MP3 support, all-electric windows, central locking with remote control, LED daytime running lights with light sensor or complete safety equipment (including 6 airbags, and system emergency braking). You can pay extra, for example, for metallic paint (CZK 9,900), a reserve (CZK 2,000), charging cables or an extended warranty. As standard, it provides a warranty for the car for 3 years / 100,000 km, and for the battery, Dacia gives a warranty for 8 years / 120,000 km.

The higher level of Comfort Plus costs CZK 489,900 and, in addition to a more colorful exterior and interior (thanks to the orange details), it also includes infotainment with navigation, rear parking sensors with a camera, metallic paint, or a reserve, so it definitely pays off. In addition, only Comfort plus allows you to pay an additional CZK 10,000 for the DC fast charging option, which you should definitely use.

Pre-sale already starts on Monday and the finished cars will reach customers this autumn, while the Comfort plus versions will be the first in line.

The Business version for car sharing, rental and corporate fleets will be available in the Czech Republic later this year. The Cargo utility variant will go on sale from the beginning of 2022.

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