Death Loop joins Microsoft XGP on September 20

At this year's Tokyo Game Show, "Death Loop" announced that it will join Microsoft XGP on September 20. "Death Loop" has now announced the performance of the Xbox Series X, which can run at up to 4K 60 fps, in addition to supporting 40K 30 fps ray tracing mode, and 1080p 120 fps high frame rate mode.

"Death Loop" is ArkaneLyon's work that seamlessly integrates the dramatic multiplayer assassination experience into single-player gameplay. "Death Loop" received over 300 "Best of" awards. "Death Loop" tells the story of two rival assassins in an endless battle for tomorrow.

The Xbox version of Dead Loop includes all the updates released since the game's launch, so players can look forward to a new camera mode, additional assist options, cross-platform matchmaking, and a host of tweaks that improve the game's quality. Additionally, Arkane Lyon has released the GOLDENLOOP update, which brings a new weapon, powerful new abilities, new enemy types, an expanded ending, and more.

Dead Loop is currently available for pre-order on Xbox Series X|S and pre-loaded on Xbox Game Pass.

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