Deepin developer platform officially launched

Deepin announced the official launch of the deepin developer platform. Officially, the deepin developer platform aims to continuously empower developers around the world by launching DTK development tutorials and providing more excellent desktop applications for independent operating systems.

It is divided into three parts: novice guide, development resources, and interactive community, including development library interface documents, development tutorials, code samples, design specifications, and other technical and design content related to the deepin system. At the same time, DTK maintains an open and welcoming attitude towards all developers, partners, and new technologies provides rich DTK document support, and truly achieves "open-source sharing, open integration". Here, developers can learn to use DTK to develop applications that can be used on deepin, and the official will gradually improve the quality and quantity of documents.

IT Home has learned that deepin is a Linux distribution, the latest version is 20.6, and the Stable kernel is upgraded to 5.15.34.

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