Demons, UFOs in Argentina and even a US-Russia war: the new predictions of a seer


The popular Mhoni Seer maintained that we are in the month of Lucifer and predicted that unidentified flying objects will be seen in our country. Cuban Mhoni Vidente has become popular in Latin America with her predictions after she anticipated the coronavirus pandemic. Now, she argued that this June 6 portals will be opened by which 72 demons will arrive that will cause great misfortunes. She warned that UFOs will also arrive in six different nations, including Argentina, while war will break out between the United States and Russia.

The portal will be opened for the demons to come out, warned Mhoni and predicted that radical changes in forms of government are expected and coups are also envisioned for the sixth day.

Mhoni Vidente also predicted problems and climate changes among which are very strong hurricanes, two strong, one category four in the Pacific, but one category almost six in the Atlantic, which will cross Florida.

Volcanoes will continue to erupt as negative energies from the center of the earth will explode. Predictions of natural disasters that would happen in those six nations and with greater probability in Mexico.

she also warned that this year there would be a war between the United States and Russia, after one of the two presidents suffered a possible attack after June 13. The first wars for water will then begin since for her the next few years will be very dry all over the world.

On the other hand, he visualized that UFOs will be seen in six countries: Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, the United States, and Russia. At the beginning of last year, the astrologer had warned of the arrival of a terrible stage of the coronavirus in which many people would lose their lives as a result of contracting the disease.

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