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Destiny 2's Chamber of Glass Master mode is coming July 6


Destiny 2 released a few months ago its new season called Season of the Symbiote, where Bungie has put a lot of content, along with a new narrative plot, and after a few weeks, they decided to put the most mythical raid of the two installments: the Chamber of Glass. Many Destiny 2 users have been able to enjoy it with their Guardian Squads, but there is still another challenge for the bravest Guardians, and that is that the Master of the Glass Chamber of Destiny 2 mode will arrive on July 6.

This information has been revealed by Bungie itself in a publication on its official website, where apart from informing us of the arrival of the Master of the Chamber of Glass mode, the Solstice of Heroes will arrive, along with new weapons and equipment, something that greatly lengthens the life of the title, and that will make it much more varied.

Destiny 2's Chamber of Glass Master mode is coming on July 6.

Bungie is doing their best to keep Destiny 2 high and with a huge player base, which they are achieving. It is confirmed that, in addition to new seasons, new expansions will arrive to close the plot that began in the original Destiny.

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