Destiny 2's Hawkmoon random roll farm is available on the EDZ

Destiny 2 developer Bungie has officially added the long-awaited random roll farm for the Exotic hand cannon Hawkmoon. It's in the form of a hidden mission that can be accessed on the EDZ once you've done the quest to obtain the normal Hawkmoon. The enemies are very difficult and can take and dish out plenty of punishment, so it's highly advised to go into the mission with a full fireteam.

Also, the Match Game modifier is active, so make sure your team has at least one weapon for each element. To start the mission, go to this area on the EDZ, enter the small hole in the wall, and activate the small metal box with the blue light on it.

Once you start the mission, you'll need to complete some difficult jumps that involve jumping over to the large EDZ dam and then jumping to a small tunnel in the side of it. From there, you'll need to hunt down three difficult Taken bosses, along with all of their accompanying troops, in the dam's interior. After this, you need to follow the same Light hawk that was present for the regular Hawkmoon mission until you reach a stronger version of the boss that you fought in that quest. Once you kill it, you'll get a Hawkmoon that has random perks on it. Some of the perks that can drop include Rangefinder, Opening Shot, Moving Target, Snapshot Sights, and Killing Wind all of which are great options in PvE, PvP, or both.

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