Detecting the cause of water leakage from Russian astronaut Pyotr Dubrov's suit

It appears that Russian astronaut Pyotr Dubrov, who is currently on the International Space Station, caused a hole in his spacesuit during its examination before going out into open space.

According to RT, it became clear from the dialogue between the Russian astronaut Pyotr Dobrov and the expert of the Space Flight Management Center, that the astronaut accidentally caused a hole in his spacesuit with a pin while examining it before he and his colleague Oleg Nowitzky went out into open space, which caused Water leaks from the valve in it.

The expert asked the astronaut, which hole you used to push the valve, as there is a large central hole and two small holes.

The astronaut replied, that he used two holes while trying to push the valve because there was no indication of which hole to use.

The expert said, you had to use the center hole only because the second hole contains a diaphragm, and it looks like you had pierced it with a pin so water leaked out from the suit.

The expert announced that this valve is subject to change, and will not affect the scheduled exit to open space on June 2, during which the Pirs unit will be prepared for separation from the International Space Station before the arrival of the Naoka unit, as well as changing the fluid consumption regulation board in the thermal control system. In the Zaria unit.

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