Develop a new remote-operated application


Researchers have developed a new application that will help doctors adjust the hearing devices of patients remotely. In detail, researchers have created an NHS-backed mobile app that can help people with hearing loss without going to the hospital. The application also allows to remotely reset the hearing devices used by these people, and the smartphone application connects to the patient’s device, and the examination can be performed at home instead of the audiology clinic.

The application has been tried since March 2020 in Plymouth NHS Trust University Hospitals, in Britain, and the list of hearing follow-up appointments has already been reduced to zero.

Patients can use the app to make adjustments to their devices. They can call doctors or even send messages on the app explaining the problem they are facing so doctors can make a change from their computers.

Dr. Adam Beckman, Head of Hearing Services at Plymouth Hospital, said, in the past, it took patients a long time to come and adjust their hearing aids, but with this new technology we've discovered, we can successfully make these adjustments remotely.

He added that although there are several types of audio tools, they all work in a similar way.

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