"Diablo: Immortal" paid elite test ends on January 8

The "Diablo: Immortal" mobile game "Kane's Invitation" elite trial test will be launched in November 2021. This test is a paid file deletion test on the Android side.

Today, "Diablo: Immortal" officially announced that the elite test server will be closed at 01:00 on January 8, and the gates of Sanctuary will be temporarily closed.

The test data will not be retained, and all characters and archives will be deleted. All adventurers' payments during the test period will be returned to the paid account with an in-game "voucher" of equal value after the official launch, which will be used as a deduction when paying.

"Diablo: Immortal" is a mobile massively multiplayer online action role-playing game (MMOARPG) jointly developed by Blizzard Entertainment and NetEase Games. The story background of "Diablo: Immortal" is set between "Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction" and "Diablo 3". It was announced in 2018, and it has been more than three years now, and the official launch date is currently unknown.

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