Did you know that Google Drive can do these 5 things?

The Google Drive platform is considered one of the most important cloud work platforms, and its importance has increased due to the Corona crisis and the spread of remote work.

But some users are hidden from the platform's capabilities and features, as they rely on just writing and using the main programs. And you can install third-party applications via the Google Drive platform, which means that you are not forced to deal with the official Google applications. So here are more secret uses, which many Google Drive users don't know about.

Take a copy of important documents and papers

You can easily store important papers and documents on the Google Drive platform so that you can access them as quickly as possible. Through this feature, you can scan the document that you want to store, and then it is stored as a PDF document or a text document if the platform recognizes its contents. You can also save any page as it is directly from the Internet and store it on Google Drive. This is by using the official Save to Google Drive Chrome Extension add-on.

Editing and controlling documents

You can edit a PDF file without changing its format, which means writing on it, shading, and adding margins without converting it to a Word file. You can do this by installing a program called DocHub App, and then opening a PDF document using this app.

And if you want to convert the file to a Docs document, you can right-click on your PDF document, and then choose to open the file with Google Docs and you will find it automatically converted to a Docs document.

Convert file format through Google Drive

You can convert between different file formats, whether they are regular documents or audio files, through CloudConvert APP. You can convert the file format using the application by clicking on the file to be converted with the right mouse button, and then choosing CloudConvert APP. But you must install the app in Google Drive first.

Editing Office documents without converting their format

You can edit your Office documents without having to activate any other features. But you cannot take advantage of all the features that Office offers for its files, so it is better to convert the file format.

Restore old copies of files

You can also restore old versions of your Docs files, which means accessing the document before you modify it or write into it. You can do this by clicking on the file in the Drive folder with the right mouse button, and then clicking on Manage Versions. And then control all copies of this file, and although you have a group of files stored on Google Drive, you will only see one copy of the document in front of you.

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