Disclosure of the secret Google project


International press reports revealed a secret project of the American company, Google, targeting its competitors. The report, published on the specialized technical website Engadget, indicated that Google is facing an anti-monopoly lawsuit in the state of Texas, USA, due to the details of the secret Bernanke project of the American company.

The secret project, according to documents found by the prosecuting authority in court, give Google's applications and services an exceptional advantage over its competitors in its ad-buying system.

This contributes to increasing the spread and profit of Google applications at the expense of its competitors from other companies.

In this secret project, Google uses data from publishers' ad servers to direct advertisers towards the price they must pay for ad placements, without informing publishers that it is exercising this policy.

And Google, according to the lawsuit, could use that secret policy to undermine competing procurement systems by paying less for publishers and attracting more advertisers.

The lawsuit states that Google made $ 230 million profit from Bernanke's secret project in 2013 alone.

Court documents show that Google recognized the existence of the secret project, but said that it did not make any mistake and accused the complaint of misrepresenting a large part of the facts, but the court said that this policy shows unequal opportunities with the services provided by other services, according to “Sputnik.

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