Discord allows you to share more about yourself in your account


Messaging platform Discord has added the ability to customize your account even more than it was before. The desktop version of the application can now be filled out with a short advertisement titled About Me. And if you have a Discord Premium Nitro subscription, you can add a banner image to your account. Discord says it added these custom accounts on June 24.

To make changes, click the User Settings gear, and then the User Account section. From there, you can write a 190-character advertisement for yourself (which can include links). Nitro subscribers can add a banner image as a PNG, JPG, or animated GIF.

Then, when someone clicks your name on the server you work on, they see you're About Me resume and banner image if you've set them. Depending on the platform, the banner image defaults to a color that matches the color of the account image.

The feature is available to all Discord users via the desktop. And you can view custom accounts via mobile. But you cannot modify it now. That capability is coming very soon,.

Discord has added another new feature that's currently rolling out, which are large emoji stickers or emojis. After testing in select markets last fall, the platform offers the ability to upload custom stickers along with additional perks for Nitro users.

Custom sticker packs can be added to Level 1 Boosted servers (meaning they are supported by members via direct monthly payments or through free boosts included with a Nitro subscription). Nitro subscribers can access 300 Discord stickers that they can use on the platform.

The platform - which appeared in 2015 with the aim of facilitating text and voice conversations between players while playing is now no longer limited to players only. Rather, it has become one of the most important conversational applications in the world because of its powerful and different features.

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