Do facial recognition trials raise privacy concerns?

Australia's second-largest appliance chain said on Tuesday it was suspending facial recognition in stores after a consumer group referred the technology to the privacy watchdog for possible enforcement action. Experimentation of technology.

The company, which takes the confidentiality of personal information seriously and is confident that it will comply with the relevant laws, decided to "suspend the trial pending a statement from the OAIC on the use of this technology. "

The Good Guys were named in the complaint along with Australia's largest home improvement chain Bunnings and the domestic version of big-box retailer Kmart, which have combined annual sales of about $25 billion in 800 stores. The Good Guys say it also uses the technology to only review thefts and keep customers and their teams safe.

The OAIC said it was reviewing the complaint regarding this incident.

Last year, regulators ordered Australia's 7-Eleven chain to destroy "facial fingerprints" on iPads it collected at 700 convenience stores to conduct customer surveys. And it ordered US software developer Clearview AI to stop collecting images from social media sites to build profiles in Australia.

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