Do you know how much Arab countries spend on cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity and spending on it have become a necessity for institutions and governments around the world alike and have been placed as a top priority, with the massive technological transformation and the rapid pace of the spread of the Covid-19 since the beginning of 2020.

Increasing demand for technologies due to remote working conditions, distance education, and the spread of smart services Spending on cybersecurity have increased to about 180 billion US dollars, but the Arab countries only acquired 5%, equivalent to 9 billion dollars, according to the report issued by the Private Sector Alliance Administration United Nations Global.

Hundreds of companies from 30 countries gathered at the Gulf Information Security Exhibition and Conference GISEC hosted by Dubai City, which served as a platform to showcase the latest products in the sector with the high demand for cybersecurity in the region and to discuss the challenges facing the sector.

Awareness of customers, especially individuals, constitutes a major challenge to cybersecurity, at a time when the spread of digital transformation is paralleled at the same speed by the development of hacking software and electronic attacks.

Annual losses due to cyber-attacks are estimated at $2 trillion, and therefore information security has become an urgent necessity, whether at the level of companies or governments, as every dollar spent on risk management will be offset by $7 losses if it is not spent.

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