Do you want to block JavaScript in Firefox?

Nowadays, all browsers support JavaScript, which is the scripting language that works on visitors' browser on the Internet, and among these browsers is Mozilla Firefox, which displays JavaScript directly, since version 88,

With this scripting language, many interactive functions or reliability checks can be integrated into PDF forms. Despite the practical advantages of these jobs, they can sometimes involve risks; Where hackers may take advantage of JavaScript to infiltrate malicious software and malicious code to computers and launch hacking attacks and data breaches.

Disable javascript

And if the user relies on his own PDF program, he can disable the JavaScript of PDF documents in Firefox easily, by entering “about:config” in the address line, confirming “Accept the risk and continue,” and then go to the professional settings of the browser Firefox.

After that, you must enter “pdfjs.enableScripting” in the search bar, and click on the double arrow icon on the far right of the respective entry in the result bar, in order for the function to be set from “true” to “false” in order to be disabled.

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