Do you want to protect your smartphone?

Many people want to preserve their old phones. In this context, the Russian expert in Roskatshistva digital products, Sergey Kuzmenko, spoke about some simple instructions that should be followed if we want to keep old smartphones for a longer time. The old smartphones have become just like other things. If their owners sell them in the market or give them to other people for use, then this person will definitely put the phone in the closet and forget it. But for those who intend in the future to use this smartphone in one way or another, it is important to follow these simple instructions.

He said, first, he must not leave the phone with a discharged battery inside, so at least it must be charged from 50 to 80% because over time and despite not being used, the battery will decrease and be completely discharged. Despite popular belief, complete discharge of batteries is not generally required for modern devices, as lithium-ion batteries or lithium polymer batteries are used in most cases, which are not technically required.

He said, you must absolutely avoid a complete discharge of the battery to zero, and periodically ensure that it is charged.

According to the expert, it is best not to store the battery where it is very hot or very cold as this may damage it mechanically.

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