Does Google record and keep your voice?


If you are an Android user, you will definitely use Google Assistant at some point, if not regularly, so Google records your voice to provide you with answers to your query, and if you want to listen to your voice recordings made by Google through its AI voice assistant Here's how to do it on your phone:

  1. Sign in to your Google account If you haven't done so or you haven't signed out, open the Google app, tap on your profile in the top right and go to "Manage your Google Account"

  2. Now, click on the “Data and Personalization” tab at the bottom of the Google Account page.

  3. Under Data and Personalization, you'll find Activity Controls where you'll see your web and app activity, location history, YouTube history, etc. An alternative way is to go to this page called My Google Activity.

  4. Go to Manage Your Activity Controls.

  5. Now, scroll down and click on “Manage Activity”.

  6. Go to "Filter by date".

  7. Select your audio recordings and then apply.

  8. Now, you can watch and listen to your recordings as well.

If you open your Google My Activity page through the link, you can follow the same steps after Step 7 by going to "Filter by date and product.

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