DOJ lawyers ask to defend Epic for 10 minutes on appeal

The U.S. Department of Justice has asked to participate in an appeal hearing about Epic’s violation of Apple’s App Store policies. Apple and Epic Games will return to court in October, with both parties appealing various aspects of the antitrust ruling in the previous lawsuit.

Justice Department antitrust lawyers have asked for 10 minutes of oral arguments during the upcoming Apple-Epic Games appeal. The Justice Department wants to follow up on its previous written briefing that the court erroneously held that Apple was primarily in its favor.

Technically, the DOJ isn't on either side, but it's making arguments that support Epic's contention that the Apple App Store violated antitrust laws...

Justice Department officials asked to participate in oral arguments, according to court documents seen by Reuters.

"The United States believes that its participation in oral arguments will assist the court, particularly in explaining how errors (in the interpretation of antitrust law) can seriously impair antitrust enforcement outside the specific context of this case," the DOJ filings show.

Neither side objected to the move. But Apple said it wanted the Justice Department's debate time to offset the 10 minutes Epic's debate time was deducted.

Although Apple won the lawsuit against Epic Games, the company objected to the "anti-manipulation" clause in the ruling.

Epic maintains that the judge made too many legal errors in her ruling and is seeking a thorough retrial.

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