Dongfeng Motor: The company's latest power battery system has passed the real vehicle test

Dongfeng Motor announced that the power battery system developed by the Dongfeng Technology Center has made a new breakthrough. Based on the models under development on the Dongfeng New Energy strategic platform, Dongfeng's latest power battery system has passed the actual vehicle test, and the cruising range can exceed 1,000km .

Dongfeng Motor stated that the power battery system was developed based on independent high-efficiency group technology, and the energy density exceeded 230Wh/kg. The CLTC cruising range of the power battery system has reached more than 1000km after the test of the prototype vehicle.

According to reports, the power battery system adopts an intelligent all-weather battery safety management system, which can achieve a millisecond-level response rate. With the support of high-precision SOX (battery state) estimation and lithium dendrite self-healing technology, the service life of the power battery system, the human-computer interaction experience, and the calculation accuracy of the driving range have been greatly improved. In addition, the power battery system uses a high-strength aluminum alloy frame to achieve the first-order mode of the battery above 60Hz.

Dongfeng Motor pointed out that the power battery system also introduces a fire extinguishing system to achieve rapid fire extinguishing - sprinkler fire extinguishing pipes are arranged above the modules, and the fire extinguishing pipes are integrated with the modules. Some parts of the pipes are made of special materials. Ketone gas-liquid two-phase fire extinguishing solvent to achieve rapid fire extinguishing.

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