Douyin responded to the "takeaway function online"

Tech Planet found that Douyin has begun to try to launch an instant delivery service for catering. At present, this function is called "group purchase delivery". After clicking to enter and filling in the address, you can directly place an order for delivery.

The relevant person in charge of Douyin Life Service responded to The Paper: Douyin Life Service is carrying out activities to help merchants recover in some cities, taking into account the actual needs of merchants and users, and in order to better protect the user experience and help economic recovery, the platform is trying to Open the delivery service of group-purchased goods for some merchants with urgent needs. At present, the project is still in the exploratory stage.

Te actual experience, users can select the desired products in stores that support this service, then fill in the address, pay for the order, and the packaging fee and delivery fee will be automatically counted in the final payment amount. In addition, Douyin also supports services such as regular "number protection" and "custom delivery time", as well as discounts in the form of coupons and Douyin payment instant discounts.

At present, the difference between this function and the common delivery methods such as Meituan and is that Douyin does not have its own delivery team, so merchants still need to rely on other third-party delivery, such as contact flash delivery, Dada, and other platforms. Therefore, the merchant does not support refunds in the delivery, and in special cases, you need to contact customer service for processing.

In addition, on June 17, Retail CEO Xin Lijun said in an interview that is studying the possibility of entering the field of food delivery and that 's logistics subsidiary, Dada Express, has "strong capabilities" in intra-city delivery.

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