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Douyin (Tik Tok): The average number of viewers in the World Cup group match reached 70.62 million

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar will start on November 20th. Douyin previously stated that it will cover the entire 28-day schedule, provide full-time, 4K ultra-high-definition free live broadcast, and support Douyin on mobile phones and PCs, Pad.

Douyin released the World Cup group match viewing report today. Statistics show that in the past two weeks of the group stage, the average number of viewers per game reached 70.62 million, the cumulative number of interactions was 837 million, the highest number of simultaneous online users in a single game was 21.46 million (Japan vs. Germany), and the peak number of viewers in a single game was 160 million (Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia).

In terms of interaction, Douyin has more than 10 million people watching and chatting, 100 million people participating in forecasting, and 12.32 million people joining the home team. In addition, there are 2,992 hotspots on the list and 81.4 billion hotspot broadcasts.

According to China Central Radio and Television's previous statement on the copyright protection of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, China Mobile's Migu, Douyin, Shanghai Five-Star Sports Channel, Guangdong Sports Channel, Guangzhou Nanguo Metropolis Channel, and Guangzhou Competition Channel have obtained the copyright protection of the 2022 Qatar FIFA World Cup. authorized by Taiwan.


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