Dragon Ball FighterZ: return of the competitive scene and new patch for August


The producer of the celebrated fighting video game, Tomoko Hiroki, has shared a new video in which he details the upcoming news of Goku's title.

Dragon Ball FighterZ, the popular fighting video game from Arc System Works and Bandai Namco Entertainment based on such a popular manga anime, will return to the competitive scene soon along with a new patch with many new features scheduled for this month of August. This has been announced by Tomoko Hiroki, producer of the video game, through a video clip published through the official Bandai Namco Esports account, and that you can see below these lines.

Goku and company return with new tournaments

Thus, Dragon Ball FighterZ returns to the competitive esports scene through new open tournaments, only in an online format; and while waiting for the exact dates of the different phases to be specified, it has been confirmed that the qualifying matches will start next September. A new batch of esports competitions that will enjoy the different novelties of a patch will arrive in August.

So much so, that the game's own producer has explained that it is not a simple character rebalancing patch, but that numerous changes and adjustments will be made and new combat mechanics will be implemented, both offensive and defensive. And it is that according to Hiroki herself, said patch will add changes such as the aerial technique known as guard cancel, in order to increase the defensive possibilities of the title.

Finally, the production company has touched on the issue of netcode, ensuring that it is very difficult for them to improve their current infrastructure. Let's remember that other recent fighting games such as Guilty Gear Strive, also from Arc System Works itself, already enjoy improvements in this regard, such as the rollback netcode unfortunately, Hiroki has commented that he does not think it is possible that Dragon Ball FighterZ will receive improvements in this regard.

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