Dyson Sphere Project will add Microsoft PC Game Pass on October 13

"Dyson Sphere Project" will join Microsoft's PC Game Pass on October 13, and it was announced that the battle system will be launched in 2023. The official said that it was a difficult decision to have to postpone the launch of the battle system to 2023 but in order to make this system better presented to everyone/the official said, I believe it is worthwhile, I hope you understand. During this period, the official will still update and maintain other aspects of the game, such as the logistics and distribution system which will be updated in late September.

"Dyson Sphere Project" is a space science fiction-themed sandbox construction game , developed by Yuzu Cat Studio and published by Gamera Game. In the upcoming "enemies and battles" system, players may be raided by enemies during construction and production . Therefore, players need to develop weapons and build defense systems to protect their planets and sectors.

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