Earth is on a date with a magnetic storm


The Laboratory of X-Ray and Astronomy of the Institute of Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences reported that a mid-level solar flare has been detected. According to the institute, and based on the data of the US satellite GOES-16, a M solar flare was recorded, and the glow activity index rose from green to yellow.

The head of the institute, Sergey Cosin, told Sputnik that this flare does not pose a threat, but after two or three days it could cause a magnetic storm in the Earth's atmosphere.

Cozen pointed to the recent monitoring of four to five cases, confirming that nothing unusual happened except for a small magnetic storm.

The classification of magnetic storms consists of five levels - from G1 to G5. Experts say a weak storm could cause minor disturbances in the operation of power systems, as well as affect the migration routes of birds and animals.

Strong storms cause disruption of communication and navigation systems on short waves, as well as power outages in industrial networks, according to Sputnik.

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