Egypt: Data Communications: 9.9 million home landline phone subscription

The data of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology revealed the number of fixed-line subscribers, reaching about 9.85 million subscriptions in December 2020 compared to 10.22 million lines in November 2020 and 8.76 million lines in December 2019. With the total capacity of the exchanges reaching 24.82 One million lines in December 2020 compared to 25.26 million lines in November 2020 and 25.22 million lines in December 2019.

The fixed line penetration rate is about 7.73% by the end of December 2020, compared to 7.79% in November 2020 and 7.70% in December 2019, and the number of exchanges reaches about 1511 centers nationwide.

As for fixed-line subscribers, according to the type of subscription, the number of home subscribers acquires 88% of the volume of subscriptions, followed by the number of commercial subscribers at 10%, then government subscribers 2%.

The increase in the volume of landline phone subscriptions comes with the great demand for education and work online during the Covid 19 pandemic, and you need to have landline internet in homes, as the subscription is linked to the customer’s contract also on a land line to deliver the service, in addition to the government’s injection of large investments to develop the communications infrastructure.

The communications and information technology sector achieved a growth rate of 15.2% despite the Corona pandemic , with a domestic product of about 108 billion pounds, compared to 93 billion pounds in the previous fiscal year; With a contribution to GDP of 4.5%; It is intended that this percentage will increase to reach 8% within 3 years.

He pointed out that the company has made some efforts to facilitate the process of new subscriptions, such as launching the short number 111 service to submit requests for new subscriptions, in conjunction with encouraging customers to use applications such as (My WE) and (WE Pay) through promotional offers to reduce congestion through outlets. The company, in addition to extending the grace period for paying land phone bills, in order for the company to provide the highest level of safety, flexibility and quality for the services it provides to new and existing customers.

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