Egypt plans to manufacture a satellite within 28 months


Egypt intends to produce a satellite within the next few years, as the Egyptian Space Agency revealed an integrated concept and work plan to manufacture an Egyptian satellite by 100%.

This came during a visit by a delegation from the Communications and Information Technology Committee in the House of Representatives, to inspect the agency, local media reported today, Tuesday.

The CEO of the agency, Mohamed Al-Qousi, said that work is underway to manufacture the moon within 28 months, to be launched after that, adding that the project includes designing, manufacturing, launching, and operating the moon for the purposes of spectral imaging.

It is noteworthy that the agency was established in Egypt under Law No. 3 of 2018 as a public economic authority with legal personality, and it reports to the President of the Republic.

The agency, which enjoys technical, financial and administrative independence, aims to create, transfer, localize and develop space science and technology. It also aims to possess the self-capabilities to build and launch satellites from Egyptian territory to serve the country's strategy in the fields of development and achieving national security.

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