Electric bike VanMoof V can accelerate to 50 km / h

E-bike manufacturer V Moof has unveiled its first high-speed model. The VanMoof V electric bike accelerates to 50 km / h. The manufacturer positions it as a replacement for a car in urban environments and as a vehicle for long trips.

The VanMoof V will feature two-wheel drive, thick tires, a sturdy frame, and shock-absorbed front and rear suspension designed to make long journeys more comfortable. Other highlights include Intelligent Engine Control, Automatic Gear Shifting, Kick Lock, and proprietary Turbo Boost technology.

There is no data on the mileage on a single charge, but the battery capacity is known to be 700 Wh. For comparison: for the BVanMoof S3 model with a 504 Wh battery, the declared power reserve without recharging is 60–150 km. Taking into account the speed limits in different places, VanMoof puts the appropriate settings into the e-bike, which will be automatically turned on according to the geolocation data.

VanMoof plans to start shipping in late 2022. The bike is expected to cost 3498 euros. It can be booked for 20 euros.

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