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Electric flying car in 2024

The competition in the automotive industry appears to be moving to another field after smart cars, as Chinese start-up Xpeng Heitech plans to manufacture flyable electric cars for its customers soon. And German magazine Der Spiegel revealed today, Thursday, that the Chinese startup aims to deliver flying cars to its first customers as early as 2024.

The company announced that the car planned as an electric car is also capable of driving on the road and traveling up to 600 kilometers on a single charge. However, the manufacturer has not revealed how far it can fly in each case. Xpeng Heitech was founded in 2013, is funded by Xpeng, and its CEO is He Xiaopeng.

The company now employs 400 people, and according to founder Zhao Deli, the number will increase to a total of 700 by the end of the year. Xpeng also known as Xiaopeng Motors describes itself as a manufacturer of premium smart electric vehicles, and is popular in China primarily because of the smart driving functions of its models. Other car manufacturers such as Terrafugia are also developing flying cars in China.

The company would also like to take the first steps in this direction and is already planning a passenger drone in the country. However, the Chinese authorities have not yet set any guidelines for air traffic in this regard.

There have been many attempts to design cars that can walk on the ground and fly, since several years ago, but none of these experiments reached the stage of actual implementation, not to mention that most of them were based on conventional engines running on regular gasoline.

The latest experiment, dubbed Air Car, which is powered by a BMW engine and regular petrol, was put into operation for monitoring and observation at an airport in Slovakia last June.

And companies such as Toyota, Daimler, and Geely of China recently announced that they are about to launch their flying cars, and even the South Korean company Hyundai preceded everyone by unveiling a commercial passenger flying car model that will be launched by it in 2025.

However, Chinese startup Xpeng Heitech may be the only one so far that has come up with the idea of ​​an electric motor in its flying car prototype.

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