Electric vehicles are expected to exceed 50% of vehicles sold in the United States by 2030

Although the sales of electric vehicles in the United States, where Tesla is headquartered, have been considerable, the proportion of new cars sold is still lower than the global average. In the latest report that, driven by new consumption incentives, the proportion of electric vehicles in new sales of vehicles in the United States will increase significantly in the next few years, and it is expected to exceed the global average by 2026. , the proportion in 2030 will reach 52%, more than 50%.

According to foreign media reports, before the introduction of consumption incentives, foreign media expected that the proportion of electric vehicles in the United States in new car sales would exceed the global average in 2028, and it is expected to account for only 43% in 2030. %, not more than half.

Foreign media mentioned in the report that electric vehicles accounted for less than 5% of the cars sold in the U.S. market last year, significantly lower than the global average of 9%.

At present, there are many electric vehicle manufacturers in the United States. In addition to Tesla, which is at the forefront of the electric vehicle industry, there are pure electric vehicle manufacturers such as Rivian and Lucid, and two major fuel vehicle manufacturers, GM and Ford. The car side is also investing heavily and has launched related models.

In addition, as an important auto market in the world, the vigorous development of the US electric vehicle market has also attracted the interest of many manufacturers around the world. Major auto manufacturers including Hyundai Motor and Volkswagen are all making efforts in the US market, and some electric vehicles have already been In sale, a number of manufacturers are also pushing to produce electric vehicles in the United States.

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