Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos: They donate less to charity than others

Forbes published an updated Charity Ranking, in which the 400 richest people in the world are ranked according to the amount spent on charity. The current rating turned out to be especially indicative: the fact is that in the context of the pandemic, the assets of billionaires have reached new record levels, but, at the same time, the rich did not proportionately increase their donations to charity.

Forbes calculates the number of donations and then correlates them with the size of the person's fortune. The rating consists of five levels: donations of less than 1% of the fortune, from 1 to 5%, from 5 to 10%, from 10 to 20%, 20%, and above. Contributions to private funds and funds under the patronage of billionaires are not counted, since they are, in fact, controlled by billionaires and are actively used for tax deductions.

As it turns out, among the 400 billionaires, only 19 donated 10% or more of their personal fortune. At the same time, 156 people donated less than 1%. Among them are Amazon founder Jeff Bezos (second place in the Fobes list of the rich) and the head of Tesla Elon Musk (the first place in the Forbes list of rich people). Bezos earned 1 point for charity despite announcing a $ 200 million donation to the Smithsonian Institution and pledging another $ 200 million to political columnist Van Jones and chef Jose Andres for charitable causes. of their choice. Earlier, Bezos promised to allocate $ 10 billion by 2030 to combat climate change, but so far only about $ 865 million has been spent on these purposes. As for Musk, recently donated $ 50 million to St. Jude's Hospital, which provides care for children with cancer.

Interestingly, according to average estimates, the average American family donates about $ 1,200 to charity - with an income of about $ 120,000. On this basis, ordinary Americans collectively donate more than Bezos and Musk. These billionaires are at the bottom of the Forbes Philanthropy Ranking, and such well-known personalities as Warren Buffett, George Soros, and Gordon Moore tops it.

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