Elon Musk: Apple’s App Store fees a ‘de facto global tax on the Internet’


Elon Musk has now tweeted his support of Epic Games' fight against Apple over App Store policies and he said, apple app store fees are a de facto global tax on the Internet. Epic is right.

Epic is currently embroiled in a legal battle with Apple, arguing that its App Store rules, which allow Apple to take a 30 percent commission on many transactions on the App Store, are unfair and anti-competitive.

Epic Game CEO Tim Sweeney, who has been a vocal opponent of Apple on Twitter, posted his latest salvo against the iPhone maker just 25 minutes after Musk’s tweet. The Apple Tax is far more pernicious than many realize. It only applies to digital goods accessible on iOS, they say but in the future, all physical goods will have a digital presence, and Apple will tax and gatekeep world commerce. Apple must be stopped.

Apple has not replied to a request for comment.

Before this tweet, Elon Musk also targeted Apple for its use of cobalt and then later about the walled garden that is the Apple ecosystem. Apple uses I think almost 100% cobalt in their batteries and cell phones and laptops, but Tesla uses no cobalt in the iron-phosphate packs.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk reportedly demanded to become Apple’s CEO in a 2016 phone call with current Apple CEO Tim Cook, according to an upcoming book about Tesla. The story, shared by the Los Angeles Times, comes from Power Play: Tesla, Elon Musk, and the Bet of the Century by The Wall Street Journal reporter Tim Higgins.

As the book tells it, Cook suggested to Musk that Apple acquire Tesla, and Musk said he wanted to be CEO. Cook reportedly agreed, but Musk clarified that he wanted to be the CEO of Apple. But Musk and Apple have both suggested that the conversation couldn’t have happened because Musk and Cook have never spoken.

When asked for comment about the reported conversation, Apple pointed to remarks Cook made during an interview with The New York Times’ Kara Swisher where he denied having ever spoken to Elon.

Musk also claims that much of the book is false. And Musk apparently tried to dash cold water on the book while it was being written, telling Higgins that much of the book was nonsense.

Higgins says that Musk had plenty of opportunities to comment and that the story of the conversation with Cook comes from Musk’s own account of the conversation, according to people who heard the retelling at the time. In an earlier tweet, he also characterized the story of Musk and Cook’s conversation as one that was told inside Tesla as the company struggled with the Model X. Apple was given several opportunities to comment prior to publication and declined.

Higgins has not replied to a request for comment. A representative for the book’s publisher pointed to Higgins's Twitter feed.


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